How to Tell You’re at a Bad College

1. It’s located in a dangerous inner city neighborhood and you fear for you life every time you step foot outside of your dorm.

2. Bums and solicitors panhandle you on your way to class and people refer to the school as “ghetto.”

3. The school is so ugly and depressing the freshman orientation groups have a look of shock and horror on their faces. Current students yell warnings to the groups such as “don’t listen to them (orientation leaders). It’s a trap!” Or “Run while you still can!”

4. Most freshman conversations revolve around transferring to a better school.

5. The cafeteria food is likely to make you very sick if consumed.

6. The bathroom stalls are so digesting and vile that you have to use ten sheets of toilet paper to clean the seat off or you’ve learned to bring your own toilet seat.

7. Almost none of your professors or TA’s can speak English.

8. When you tell your friends at high school were you’re going they give you a confused look and ask, “where’s that?”

9. The school has little if any social life.

10. There is no school spirit for any of the sports teams because they are ranked so low.

I know I said ten but here's a bonus.

11. When you tell your advisor you want to transfer to a different school they say, “I don’t blame you.”