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Digital inspiration for web designers.

Google Sightseeing has put together a list of Top Streetview sightings of last year.

Also, be sure to check out a Streetview drive over the Brooklyn Bridge at night.

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It's official, Top Gear is hoping the pond and coming to America! It will be on NBC and the American hosts will be Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer and Tanner Foust. NBC will air the show in the Winter as a pilot. Though, will the American Top Gear become as popular as the British Top Gear? Time will tell.

A gastronomic concoction called the Luther Burger has been circling the internet for a couple of years now. The meal fit for Paula Dean and people who are more brave than they are smart is a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. The notorious burger has even became popular in the Google New York cafeteria. (More as a joke than something to be eaten)

According the the burger is served at Mulligan's Diner in Georgia.

Ever come across those spammy, used car salesman type of info product sales pages?

One man has had enough and built an info product parody sales page.

I haven't come across a search engine with attitude; until now. Ask Ms. Dewey a question.

Because it's taken from Mars.

After recovering from his fall Asimo is back in action. This time conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

You can find more redubbed GI Joe PSA's at

Here's two good websites that you can use to check your rent and check jobs listings.

Frustrated with your job search? Head over to and use the power of their job search engine to check for job listings all over the net.

You can also check your rent and compare it to what it should be. is a handy website to compare what your rent is against average rents in your area.

A French movie review of Lord of the Rings.

Cruising around Central Park I spotted a very privacy conscience horse. Other animals have followed suit:

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The perpetual cycle of an all-nighter explained with a diagram. Picture after the jump.

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Wasting time cursing around Boston in Google Streetview I came across a VW Beetle parked near 38 Prince Street on the North End of Boston painted like a Lady Bug.

Google homepage goes black to raise awareness for Earth Hour.

Some great fake news for today from The Onion.

How to Tell You’re at a Bad College

1. It’s located in a dangerous inner city neighborhood and you fear for you life every time you step foot outside of your dorm.

2. Bums and solicitors panhandle you on your way to class and people refer to the school as “ghetto.”

3. The school is so ugly and depressing the freshman orientation groups have a look of shock and horror on their faces. Current students yell warnings to the groups such as “don’t listen to them (orientation leaders). It’s a trap!” Or “Run while you still can!”

4. Most freshman conversations revolve around transferring to a better school.

5. The cafeteria food is likely to make you very sick if consumed.

6. The bathroom stalls are so digesting and vile that you have to use ten sheets of toilet paper to clean the seat off or you’ve learned to bring your own toilet seat.

7. Almost none of your professors or TA’s can speak English.

8. When you tell your friends at high school were you’re going they give you a confused look and ask, “where’s that?”

9. The school has little if any social life.

10. There is no school spirit for any of the sports teams because they are ranked so low.

I know I said ten but here's a bonus.

11. When you tell your advisor you want to transfer to a different school they say, “I don’t blame you.”

St. Patrick's Day has become one of the most famous US holidays but it's also a beerfest party for everyone. Here's six sure signs you're faking it this St. Patrick's Day.

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Enormous image of a pixel town with a great amount of detail. This is one of the biggest and most detailed images I've seen recently. Warning! Not for slow internet connections.

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A scientist lures a great white shark to his boat with chunks of fish and pets the shark as it jumps out if the water.

Chuck Norris not impressed.

A scale model of the entire city of New York displayed at the Queens Museum of Art. All 5 boroughs are modeled in stunning accuracy.

Lego celebrates 50 years of plastic building blocks. Lego isn't the only one celebrating, Google celebrates Lego's birthday with a Lego Google Doodle.

A Polish schoolboy turned a city's tram network into a giant train set has been arrested after he caused chaos on the public transport system.

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If your girl is spending most of her free time on XBox instead of on you? Here's some tips to help you get her back.

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Mail boxes, redneck style!

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Star Wars movie recreation in a garage, no not by Star Wars Kid, in a garage movie studio in the UK.

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A group of film editors play a practical joke in the Czech Republic and create panic by showing a nuclear explosion during a weather report.

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Screampoint 3D model of New York City.