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Google Sightseeing has put together a list of Top Streetview sightings of last year.

Also, be sure to check out a Streetview drive over the Brooklyn Bridge at night.

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It's official, Top Gear is hoping the pond and coming to America! It will be on NBC and the American hosts will be Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer and Tanner Foust. NBC will air the show in the Winter as a pilot. Though, will the American Top Gear become as popular as the British Top Gear? Time will tell.

A gastronomic concoction called the Luther Burger has been circling the internet for a couple of years now. The meal fit for Paula Dean and people who are more brave than they are smart is a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. The notorious burger has even became popular in the Google New York cafeteria. (More as a joke than something to be eaten)

According the snopes.com the burger is served at Mulligan's Diner in Georgia.