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Woman goes ninja on kids. Uma Thurman not available for comment.

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Another oldie but goodie.

N.J. police crack down on middle school jaywalkers. 11 year old fined with $54 jaywalking ticket.

Photos and video of the incident. Related news: Hammerheads becoming extinct.

Going 11 mph over the speed limit cost this man over $200,000.

Guess he didn't get the memo.

Back story for those who don't know: YouTube video producers met together in Washington Square Park in NYC 7/7/07.

E.T. phones home. I don't think the moon is in most coverage plans.

P. Allen Smith does not approve.

False tooth robbery. Tooth fairy not available for comment.

Take a trip back in time via the Way Back Machine.

A collection of funny, quirky bumper stickers.

Rare pictures of what goes on before take off.

How to write a paper for college. Remember not to procrastinate.

I guess it is possible to surf to the end of the internet after all. In fact there's two ends of the internet.

51 Text Effect Tutorials Every Designer Should See.

500 years morphed into 2:52.

The day in the life of a Toronto ferry.

Translate English to Instant Messenger language. Now if only there was one that would translate it the other way around.

What does a the inside of a supermarket look like from above?

Wake Up in New York Video

The Monticello Dam located in Northern California has a giant funnel shaped outlet which allows water to bypass the dam when it reaches maximum capacity.

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The world at night seen from space.


What to do in an emergency. An oldie but a goodie.

A four year old girl in Britain was asked to put her hoodie down because the owner said it posed a security threat to his arcade. Jack Bauer unavailable for comment. Common sense missing.

Nobody likes getting error messages, but everyone (well almost everyone) likes fake error messages.

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Can you navigate this website without clicking?

Do you look like your dog? These people do.

No, not Tag Body Spray. One Colorado school has banned the game of tag. What's next? Red Rover? Four Square? Gym?

It's that time of year to head (back to) college. Excited freshman head off to the college for the first time.... even at 15 years old.

I hope they programmed it to say "help I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Google Earth gets another cool feature and now you can fly around in it. Could they be working on the next edition of Flight Simulator? Who knows, though seems they are working on a SecondLife like program called Third Life.

Ever wonder what your icons do when you go to sleep or leave the room? They have a desktop war.

Drunk man stumbles into courtroom. Good thing it wasn't Judge Judy's courtroom.