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After recovering from his fall Asimo is back in action. This time conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

You can find more redubbed GI Joe PSA's at

Here's two good websites that you can use to check your rent and check jobs listings.

Frustrated with your job search? Head over to and use the power of their job search engine to check for job listings all over the net.

You can also check your rent and compare it to what it should be. is a handy website to compare what your rent is against average rents in your area.

A French movie review of Lord of the Rings.

Cruising around Central Park I spotted a very privacy conscience horse. Other animals have followed suit:

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The perpetual cycle of an all-nighter explained with a diagram. Picture after the jump.

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Wasting time cursing around Boston in Google Streetview I came across a VW Beetle parked near 38 Prince Street on the North End of Boston painted like a Lady Bug.