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From the dark ages (APERNET) to the Myspace age(TEENAGE)take an enlighting journey through the history of the Internet.

Interesting marketing by 3M at bus shelters. Check out their new security glass promotion.


Once to steal the home owners possessions. Another time to return them and apologize.
Read story.

One of many bad songs. But it gets better with misheard lyrics.

A perfect close to summer. Seaside pictures.

An oldie but a goodie. The Sign Toucher's Club of America will not be visiting this one on their tour of “Signs 07” because the bridge is out.

How we use the web and how it uses us.

I've just spent a good chunk of time getting distracted with an engaging voting site I came across called Buzz Dash.

You can add your vote in real time to issues on many different topics. Interesting and strangely fun.

Follow up: Miss South Carolina Teen USA explains her answer. It happens to the best of us.